Thursday, May 24, 2007

And now back to your regularly scheduled program...

The "Project"
The deadline is fast approaching but it's finally looking like a finished object! WOoT! Now I just need to finish the sleeves and put them on.

The front

and the back.

Trust me, this thing looks much better in person. I should have pictures of it on a human being soon.

Lime N Violet Sleepover
Um...I don't think it's going to happen. Or....I don't think I'll be there. We'll see but as things look now...I don't think so. Ms. M. has the brilliant idea of saving up to go to Rhinebeck instead. OMG that would be so awesome.

Stitch N Pitch
I purchased the tix for the Stitch N Pitch. My only complaint is that we're out in an area where the seats don't have backs. Grrrrr..... But I'm looking forward to the goodie bag!

German Goodies
My sister is in Germany right now. She called a week ago from Austria and said she bought me some yarn there...yay! I also have some wonderful Wollmeise and Addi Lace needles being sent to her hotel. Okay, so I didn't get to forewarn her about the needle purchase....but they're small...I'm sure she'll find room in her luggage for them. Here is the awesome store I worked with to get the lace needles. Super customer service. And Claudia (Wollmeise) is super duper wonderful too. Highly recommend both.

Both of the cats, shecat Quirk and hecat Queue, are doing fine. I am totally addicted to lolcats right now and I'm trying to get mine onto the Icanhascheezburger site. Maybe one day they'll be internet stars!

Yarn Goodies
I have purchased and received some wonderful yarns while I have been away from the blog. Pics and reviews coming soon...aka...after the "project" is done.

Knits Finished
A big shout out to Knits Finished!! Rene is the most awesome person in the world!



Thanks for those links - I live in Germany but had never heard of either of those two companies before. Cool! :-)

herzeleidknits said...

You are quite welcome Jeannette. The yarn from Wollmeise is supposed to be AMAZING!