Thursday, July 26, 2007

Of yarn and huskies

Since Ms. M. has now received her "surprise" I can finally let loose that I had ordered and have received some incredible Wollmeise yarn. It is an addiction. For myself I purchased one skein of each of the "guinea pigs" Versuchskaninchen and Mitternacht, all of which are part of her seasonal yarn colors. They are available for purchase but not listed on her normal website. You have to visit her blog to see them. I'm hoping to put pictures up of them soon.

However, I do have some pics of some of my new little obsessions. They are not mine but hopefully their undercoats will be (insert maniacal laugh here). 7...count them....7 huskies ranging in ages from 3 weeks to 6 years are currently somewhat at my disposal. I am researching on how to spin their fur into yarn. Woot! Actually, it will be a while until the littlest ones will be groomed....but they're so damn cute I had to include their pics.

Almighty Odin

Little girl Freya

The Pack

Friday, July 20, 2007

Yarny surprises

So I just received a package of yarny goodness and I cannot post on here what it is. Oh it is just killing me!!! Part of the package is a surprise for Ms. M. so until she knows what it is....mum is the word. ACK!!

Speaking of yarny surprises - I have found the coolest site EVER!!
They send YARN BOUQUETS!! Holy moly!! The prices really aren't that extravagant if you take into consideration: #1) The price of a good skein of sock yarn #2) The price of flower bouquets.
Think about it...which would you rather have.... flowers that die or sock yarn. Yeah, that's what I thought....SOCK YARN!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Naked knitting and other bits

I has been a while since I have posted. I highly doubt that anyone has been sitting on the edge of their seat though.

Yarn School:
The airline tickets are booked and it's a total green light. I'm so excited!! I hope I don't get addicted to spinning because I can't imagine my cats letting me spin in peace.

One sock done and the other in progress. They should be completed in time to give to my sister next week. These socks are so awesome! Updated pics will be up soon.

The coolest website. EVER. And my addiction to it is probably part of the reason why I have been updating on here like I should. There are only so many hours in the day!

Book Sale:
Holy discount batman!! KnitPicks has 40% all of their books. SWEET!! I have picked up a bunch for Ms. M. to use as some of the gifts for our "True Yarn Diet". She already knows about it so I'm not ruining the surprise by posting here.

Yarn Diet:
So the working out schedule is not yet working for me BUT I have been eating much healthier and have already lost 7 lbs. WOOT!! I should be receiving my first "gift" soon. Besides the books mentioned above - I have also made a "surprise" order to use as gifts. I cannot wait to be able to 1) give it to Ms. M. 2) post the info here.

I know I wrote on here about Quirk having some skin issues. All appears to be well and both cats are healthy, happy, and spoiled.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Day Two and One Sidewinder Sock

Day Two:
So far so good.... I've worked out both yesterday and today and I'm eating totally healthy again. Woo hoo....

One Sidewinder Sock:
I have one of the socks done except for the grafting it together which I plan to do tonight. Pics when it is finished.

Quirk has something wrong on her a rashy type thing. Off to the vets....yet again.

Sunday, July 1, 2007



One of my coworkers/enabler, Ms. M., is also an avid knitter and wishes to lose weight. I myself have some extra fluff to lose. So her and I are going to do a TRUE YARN DIET.

#1) Stop buying yarn *gasp* and find a buddy

#2) Do an inital weigh in and set your final goal

#3) Set a gift $$$$ limit with your buddy

#4) Make a wish list of yummy yarns (including color and amount of skeins/balls needed) or knitting books/patterns.

#5) Every time your buddy loses a certain amount of weight (5 lbs in our case) you buy her/him a gift from a "wish list" up to the set $$ amount....and your buddy does the same for you.

#6) If weight is then have to go 5 lbs below your lowest weight to get another gift. (Example: Drop to 145...go up to gift until 140).

Why this will work: I know a lot of people say that they're going to reward themselves...but we all know that we just end up buying whatever for ourselves anyway. Getting gifts from someone else, however, makes it feel super special. AND feeling like someone is in it with you helps tons too. I know many knitters go on "yarn diets" to quit buying yarn. Well why not combine the two and get healthy along the way?