Sunday, July 1, 2007



One of my coworkers/enabler, Ms. M., is also an avid knitter and wishes to lose weight. I myself have some extra fluff to lose. So her and I are going to do a TRUE YARN DIET.

#1) Stop buying yarn *gasp* and find a buddy

#2) Do an inital weigh in and set your final goal

#3) Set a gift $$$$ limit with your buddy

#4) Make a wish list of yummy yarns (including color and amount of skeins/balls needed) or knitting books/patterns.

#5) Every time your buddy loses a certain amount of weight (5 lbs in our case) you buy her/him a gift from a "wish list" up to the set $$ amount....and your buddy does the same for you.

#6) If weight is then have to go 5 lbs below your lowest weight to get another gift. (Example: Drop to 145...go up to gift until 140).

Why this will work: I know a lot of people say that they're going to reward themselves...but we all know that we just end up buying whatever for ourselves anyway. Getting gifts from someone else, however, makes it feel super special. AND feeling like someone is in it with you helps tons too. I know many knitters go on "yarn diets" to quit buying yarn. Well why not combine the two and get healthy along the way?


Anonymous said...

Brilliant idea! Good luck! Get lots of yarn--lose lots of weight! :)

tristitia said...

That is a cool idea, and fun. Good luck!

herzeleidknits said...

Thanks! I need all the motivation I can get.