Monday, July 2, 2007

Day Two and One Sidewinder Sock

Day Two:
So far so good.... I've worked out both yesterday and today and I'm eating totally healthy again. Woo hoo....

One Sidewinder Sock:
I have one of the socks done except for the grafting it together which I plan to do tonight. Pics when it is finished.

Quirk has something wrong on her a rashy type thing. Off to the vets....yet again.


The Beranator said...

Maybe she ate a mango like Jon did.. he's all rashy too.

Mara said...

is she ok?

herzeleidknits said...

Um....Quirk did not have mango. NO! YOU CANNOT HAVE THE MANGO!! sorry...the inner Chris Katan just came out.

Quirk is fine. Actually now it's pretty much cleared up. They said that it probably wasn't an allergic reaction to anything but to still keep an eye out and if there are any other problems or it gets worse to take her back.