Thursday, July 26, 2007

Of yarn and huskies

Since Ms. M. has now received her "surprise" I can finally let loose that I had ordered and have received some incredible Wollmeise yarn. It is an addiction. For myself I purchased one skein of each of the "guinea pigs" Versuchskaninchen and Mitternacht, all of which are part of her seasonal yarn colors. They are available for purchase but not listed on her normal website. You have to visit her blog to see them. I'm hoping to put pictures up of them soon.

However, I do have some pics of some of my new little obsessions. They are not mine but hopefully their undercoats will be (insert maniacal laugh here). 7...count them....7 huskies ranging in ages from 3 weeks to 6 years are currently somewhat at my disposal. I am researching on how to spin their fur into yarn. Woot! Actually, it will be a while until the littlest ones will be groomed....but they're so damn cute I had to include their pics.

Almighty Odin

Little girl Freya

The Pack


fluffbuff said...

They are adorable. Should we expect a huskvatar on Ravelry in the near future?

herzeleidknits said...

Yes there might be a huskvatar in the future. There are just so many to choose from though. :) It's great to see Ravelry folks out in the blog world.