Monday, August 6, 2007

Yarn and puppy pr0n

Okay, I have finally uploaded pics of my new Wollmeise:



Versuchskaninchen #2

The pics do not even begin to do the colors justice.

Other yarn purchases:
I have also purchased 2 balls of Regia's new Kaffe Fassett line of sock yarn. I'm not too impressed with the Landscape colors but the Mirage patterns are supercool looking. Like I needed any more sock yarn!
I also am expecting my August ball of sock yarn from the Tofutsies sock club. I previewed the color way on the yahoo group and it looks like it is going to be very bright. I'm a little disappointed that I have not received it yet but I'm trying not to be all Cranky Ms. Twistypants about it.

I have not been knitting too much. Bad cookie. Blame the unusual amount of social events, new boyfriend, the boyfriend's cable and dvr ('s so addicting), OR a little bit of all of the above. However, I have managed to finish the Dream Swatch Headwrap for my sis. Currently I am working on the Malabrigo Clapotis and Wollmeise Sidewinder socks.

Stitch n Pitch
Just 2 more weeks until the Tampa Bay Stitch n Pitch!! Woot! I am looking forward to the goodie bags. I plan on taking the clapotis with me to work on.

Yarn School
Only a month & 1/2 until Yarn School! Squeeee! I must keep repeating to myself "I will not smuggle back a wheel...I will not smuggle back a wheel"

The little ankle biting 5 week old huskies, Odin and Freya, are growing fast. And I do mean the whole ankle biting thing literally. Although it will be a while until their fur can be "harvested" for yarn purposes....I HAVE to include pics of them here.....because of their undeniable cuteness.


Mrs. H said...

*DROOL* OMGawsh the yarn is gorgeous! And so are the puppies!

herzeleidknits said...

Wollmeise does tend to cause drooling. :)

Mrs. H said...

It's a good thing wool is so absorbant. heehee