Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hey Battah Battah Battah

This past Saturday , Ms. M (djmars) and I attended the Tampa Bay Stitch N Pitch. A good time was had by all....except for maybe the true Rays fans because they lost big time. Not only was it the Stitch N Pitch night...but also their "disco" night and Barry Williams (Greg Brady) threw out the first pitch. much cooler could it get??

Here is a pic of the tote bag and goodies that we received for attending:

There was also a Vogue Knit1 magazine that somehow did not make it into the picture. Although I'm not a big fan of the yarn...I'm sure it will end up in a good home. I'll probably make it to the Sunday knitting group at Barnes N Noble next week so it'll be up for grabs there.

There were also tables set up where people were selling some yarn and other goods. I came home with this:

Crayons Lite from Rainbow Mills...100% hand dyed cotton. A mere $20....retail is $60 something. I'm not sure what it will end up being. I'm thinking about the Tomato sweater but without the fair isle design? I have looked on Ravelry and no one really has any projects posted in this yarn. :( I was hoping to find some inspiration there. Still, it was a good deal that could not be passed up.
Speaking of Ravelry, we got free Ravelry pins at the Stitch N Pitch too. How cool is that?

The highlight of the event for me (besides making major progress on my Malabrigo clapotis) was the couple sitting behind us, Lynn (?) and Tim. Apparently they have only been dating for 2 weeks yet he's already learning how to knit. AND went to a yarn store of his own free will. WOW!! Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera with me to the Stitch N Pitch so I have no proof of this BUT Ms. M. (djmars) was there to witness the events as well.
I just realized that there is a TON of stuff that I have purchased and have not included on here....such as Reynolds Sea Sock, Tofutsies (the August special one and others), the new Kaffe Fassett sock yarn....etc etc. I will take a pic and post soon. This is mostly to help me keep track of everything. Yes, I also need to update my stash on Ravelry too. Geesh.
Both of the furballs have been sick recently with upper respiratory infections. Tons of sneezing and kitty boogers. I even tried to help Queue blow his nose once during a drunken game of Trivial Pursuit (after he sneezed kitty boogers all over the board). Oh, but just so it's clear....I wasn't playing against the cats in Trivial Pursuit...there was another human involved. I wasn't THAT drunk! :) Anyway, the kitties are both doing better and tomorrow morning I have to take them both to the vet for their check up. I'm not looking forward to the group trip. Chaos awaits!


jOolian said...

heya....blast from ze past..
but i see some MedOne info.
...OHHz Noes...Koondah'z doin the same thing...but i get it in my face & mouth...mmmm, kitteh booogz, and stickily tooz....
SO, no shizzz... Theres a resp virus about??? i was hopin it was kennel spooge leftover...

herzeleidknits said...

Even if it is just left over from the kennel - it's probably still an upper respiratory infection. The problem is that it can drop lower in their lungs or they can get a secondary bacterial infection. The cat needs antibiotics. They give them a shot and then you give them liquid for about 7-10 days...clears them up. You should get the Banfield plan at Petsmart. For $16 a month it covers all visits, yearly stuff, and discounts the meds.

jOolian said...

i was wondering about the PetsMart deal(eeO).... i did a full almost 2wks of antibio's, had to make 'Special Tuna Rolls', where i'z hidez dah pinky-ooze in dee middlez of Tuna roll... now, thaz all he freek'n wants... oy'vay.

Thanx again fer the info, ...highly detailed info...