Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Crocs and Super Secret Projects


I innocently visited the Crocs website yesterday and OMG...I have found my complete wishlist for Christmas. Yarn schmarn...I want SHOES! I will lovingly add links to all the ones I want onto "My Wishlist" and I'll delete them from the wishlist as I buy them for myself (which I know will happen to a few of them). Here's a sample:

Although those are not necessarily the colors I want. It's a good representation.

Last night I finally figured out something quick, small, easy, and nifty that I can make for a few different people in my life. I live in Florida so it's not like I can just make scarves for everyone. I have to get with djmars about the yarn requirements for it. I think I may be able to switch out one yarn for another. Squeeee....I'm so excited. Then again...if I start making 10 of these things - I might be less excited about it in the future.

Woo hoo...it's only a few weeks away! Now I just have to figure out what all I'm taking and prepare the husky fiber. I'm not sure how much I have collected so far. Hopefully I'll get some more later this week. I know I have to wash it sometime soon and let it dry so that I can take it with me. The carding and the rest I'll leave for yarn school. (Damn you people who keep outbidding me on hand carders on eBay.)

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