Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Overloading, Frogging and Queue update

Lime N Violet Southeast Sympathy Sleepover:

It seems that Ms. M. and I are not going to make the trek out to Omaha to participate in the official Lime N Violet sleepover. However, we are not alone in this and sympathy sleepovers are popping up all over the globe. Seriously...the GLOBE. There is one planned for Britain. A group of people have mentioned interest in having one for the southeast US and since no one was really taking control of the situation...I have somehow stepped up to be unofficial team leader in getting it all together. I have created a survey to find out where, when, etc...for what works out best for people. Right now, Nashville is the front runner and if that remains the case, I think that there is someone local up there that I can pass on the unofficial leader hat to so she can make all of the hotel arrangements and such. Ms. M. came up with the idea of a "white elephant" sock yarn exchange which is quite popular with everyone - now we just need to come up with some rules for it.
If anyone reading this is interested in attending the Southeast Lime N Violet Sympathy Knitting Sleepover please fill out the survey.


Ah, the frog pond. The bane of a knitters existence (that and weaving in ends.) I have to rip out some of what I did yesterday on the "project" after realizing that I counted wrong. I think it ends up being about 450 stitches I have to take out. Grrrr. However, I'm going to weave in a "safety line" and rip it back to there so it shouldn't be TOO time consuming and no stitches should be dropped. Hopefully.


Thank you to everyone who has asked how Mr. Queue cat is doing. His eye is 100% better...but of course, on the same day that the eye all clears up he starts sneezing. He hasn't sneezed at all today and he's eating fine so I'm not going to be concerned about it.


My black Crocs Mary Jane shoes have arrived and are awesome! I found out that Sports Authority online has free shipping on shoes right now and if you sign up for Google Checkout you get $10 off...so I ordered another pair in brown for $19.99 total. Awesome! Now my "stinky shoes" can be retired. Mary Jane crocs are a perfect way to show off hand knitted socks!

I have been in contact with Wollmeise, who is the nicest person, and we're working on my order of wonderful German sockengarne. WOOT! It will be delivered to my sister's hotel in Germany without problem.

Speaking of sis.... she leaves for her European studies trip this Sunday, after which she will hang around Germany for the Treffen festival in Leipzig. I am so proud of her!! Way to go Ber. (Okay, so I'm envious too.)


Su said...

Are you actually German (because I am, and I am a passionate knitter living in England...). All these little German words spread around your texts!Nice blog.

herzeleidknits said...

I'm not German - I just love the language and hope to visit the country one day. (My sister is going to be there during almost the entire month of May.) There are words in the german language that express things better than english does...such as herzeleid...so after going through a lot in my life I have "herzeleid" tattooed on my back. I know - it's a strange choice. When I was trying to name my online shop I wanted something unique so I chose "herzeleid knits" because I learned how to knit during a very emotionally difficult time in my life. Knitting is a great way to focus and work things out. It's better than yoga, I think. Anyway....I hope you visit my blog again and happy knitting!!

Su said...

I understand very well that knitting has some kind of healing qualities. Thanks for stopping by at my blogs.
See you again!

Socks, Abby and Blackie said...

Hi, We stopped by to visit your furr-babies, but Mom wanted us to also write that she cant knit, but she crochets very well...well, she does crochet well, when we are not playing with the yarn. I am glad that your furr-baby is feeling better. Mom doesnt like it when we get sick or when one of the fosters is sick. Thank you again for dropping by our site.