Sunday, June 10, 2007

Showing Knits in Public and Random Run-Ins

World Wide Knit in Public Day

Yesterday was WWKIP day and I did make it out to Citrus Park Mall in Tampa to knit with some ladies. Unfortunately, I'm horrible with names so I cannot remember who all was there but a good time was had by all. There was a "Daddy Dance Off" contest being held in the same food court which was quite entertaining. What I learned: Once you are a parent you do not mind making a fool out of yourself in public. You actually do it with pride.

Fiber Arts

After the knitting yesterday, Ms. M. and I went to Fiber Arts which has moved but is still close to Odessa, FL. Since they're in the process of moving there were bags of yarn everywhere but do yarn people really care if they have to look around a bit? I know I don't. Lots of pretty yarn and somehow a ball of Trekking ended up coming home with me.

Knit N Knibble

After Fiber Arts, Ms. M and I decided to leave my car @ Fiber Arts and carpool over to Knit N Knibble over in Tampa. It was quite busy yesterday. I don't know if it's because people were out knitting for WWKIP day or if that is how it is every Saturday. I found a beautiful color of Malabrigo I fell in love with but there was only one skein left. I chose to believe that it was fate saying "do not buy more yarn now." Left empty handed.

Random Run-In

Ms. M. then had to take me back to my car at Fiber Arts, which is located in the same strip of stores as a restaurant, G. Peppers. Ms. M. noted that there was a car show going on at G. Peppers and joked that maybe my dad was there. I called his cell phone and he was! So we wandered down and said "hi." Quite a random run in since we were both not anywhere near our homes.

Yarn Metering

After all of this we went to Ms. M's and played with her new yarn meter. Boston, the superdog, helped and even wandered over and nosed some yarn back into place when it caught on the swift. I told you he is a superdog. I now have enough Zephyr separated from the cone to make a drop stitch tee that I've been eyeing. News on that once it is on the needles. We also split some of my Wollmeise so I can start playing with that soon too.


WendyE said...

Congratulations on the finished Cherry Tree Hill project -- a sheer tour de force lady.Too bad I didn't get to see it in person.

I was sorry to miss y'all on WWKIP Day. I was down with an annoying migraine and definitely not knitting. But I was so glad to finally be able to get out of the house on Sunday...didn't realize you had a blog.

I did enjoy seeing, in person on Sun., the truly fabu yarn from, as you called it, "Yarmany" --I'm still grinning.

Whle I'm in CO for the summer I'll be able to keep in touch with your knitting adventures through your blog. Cool.

WendyE said...

I had to look at the Cherry TreeHill finalists -- yech! I was appalled.

What were they thinking when they selected sweaters that all have flat gorilla arms and no shaping at all? IMHO your offering should definitely have made the finals!

There is truly no accounting for taste - or not having any.

Mara said...

i second wendye's comments about taste!

herzeleidknits said...

Thank you both for the yech! comments. I agree but I'm trying to not rant...too much.