Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Yarn school and other goodies

Okay so I'm not posting on a regular basis and I need to fix that. I'm going to try to quickly update some stuff now and hopefully write more and post some pics later tonight.

It is official that me and Ms. M. are going to Yarn School in September. WOO HOOO!! I'm so excited. However, learning how to spin might be quite dangerous for the ol' checking account. :)

SWTC is putting out limited edition colors of their Tofutsies yarn every other month. I was able to snag a ball of the June color which is a nifty pink and black. It also comes along with a exclusive pattern. Super cool!! Pics will be posted later of the colorway. I purchased mine from The Yarn Grove and they will let you preorder the future colorways. There is also a sock club yahoo group which is open to all lovers of the Tofutsies yarn. You can click to join the yahoo group from here.

The customer service at this online yarn shop is AMAZING! With every order (I have placed 2 so far) I have received personalized notes and a small gift along with my shipment. This kind of service will make me continue to be a customer and to let others know that they should shop there too. Oh, and free shipping....woot!!


Anonymous said...

I just went to The Yarn Grove's site. What an awesome shop! I couldn't get over how reasonable the prices were. I'll definitely be ordering from them in the near future. Thanks for the link!

herzeleidknits said...

You're quite welcome! I like passing on the word when there is great customer service.

theShizzKnit said...

Hi there! Did you get to attend yarn school last year? I am looking for comment on what it was like, the learning experience, yadda. I’ve been spinning for a year and on the fence about attending. I’m not sure that I would learn anything new. Before spending $450 + plane fare, it would be good to hear from someone at this course :)