Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Christmas Drum Carder Fund

Hey Folks,
There's a new button over on the right for donations to the Christmas Drum Carder Fund. Originally my younger sis was going to orchestrate getting monies together from family members and friends to go towards a drum carder for me as a Christmas gift; however, she is extremely busy with her college courses and has asked me to place this button on my blog. Personally, I now feel like I'm begging and I'm a little uncomfortable with it BUT this probably is the easiest way. Sometimes technology weirds me out.

For those who do not know what a drum carder is here ya go: it's a device to prepare fiber for spinning. Exciting, eh?!?

I know that most people have no clue what to get me as gifts so I'm helping everyone out...online...in front of the world. Seriously, I feel so stupid doing this. I'm not expecting to pay for a whole drum carder this way and I'm totally prepared to pay for at least half of it myself. I'm planning on a major yarn stash sale on eBay to help fund it. If anyone out there is a yarny...I'll announce on this blog when I finally post items. Any extra $$ from the destash/christmas fund will go towards a Charkha spinning wheel.

Okay, so that's about it. I feel totally lame.


SweetPea Fibers said...

Amy, don't feel lame this is a great idea. You will love having a drum carder. I'm glad you like spinning, it looks like you're a natural.

Beware - the more toys you have the less you get to spend with each of them. Pretty soon you'll reach into your dresser drawer and find a pound(or more) of wool instead of socks, because you've run out of storage space. Guess how I know?-Felicia

herzeleidknits said...

I'm already running out of space. I have fiber/yarn hidden all over the place. Major destash coming soon!

I have received my first donation from my sister - she wants me to make her socks out of the huskies. :)

Caroline said...

Darn, you are ahead of me again! First you get your Fricke before me and now probably the charkha, too? I'm jealous!!! Maybe I can bribe my Indian friend to bring one back from India in December... But on another note, did you see there is now an Iceland group on Ravelry? (Wait, it was you who is the Iceland-phile, right?)