Thursday, April 26, 2007

"Project" Update & Bond Villains

"Project" Update:
I am in total freak out mode - which is like Depeche Mode but whinier. The deadline is fast approaching and I'm probably at where I should have been a month ago. Damn it. I have redesigned the entire front so that it will be quicker to knit but...OMG....there just are not enough hours in the day. Here's a pic of the completed back and sleeve. Trust me - this thing looks MUCH better in person - the pics make it look hideous. Oh, and I'm now convinced that the sleeve is too short. I can't even think about it all without my brain just going *zoink*.

Queue is a Bond Villain:

You know how all Bond villains have some kind of physical least, I think they do. I haven't been a big fan o' the 007 until Daniel Craig. Anyway, I know that in the films "Q" was the person who made all of the gadgets or whatever. My Queue, however, has turned into Le Chiffre, the guy that cried blood in Casino Royale. (Thankfully, Queue is not crying blood ).

They even have the same cheekbones!
Comments welcome! I feel like I'm talking to myself.


jOolian said...

awwwwwhh ~ poor'lil Q-boy.
he looks like Quirk bitch-slapp'd his furry butt...well, head, actually.

Amanda1 said...

I'm reading ya!

Marie said...

I think kitty is cuter!