Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Wooly madness!

Okay, the local Joann's is closing and I got an UNBELIEVABLE deal...so I felt (ha) like passing it on. I have listed my haul on eBay for slightly more than I paid (to make up for listing fees etc...). I am hoping that people see the value of the deal and bid on it. To see the listing click here

"The Project"
As far as "the project" goes - instead of working on the piece I thought I was going to I decided to start the sleeves and get them done. After spending quite a few hours knitting, frogging, cursing etc...I realized my math was wrong. It was a totally stupid mistake! So now I'm about halfway through the first sleeve. I have to get this done. I'm thinking of taking a comp day at work so I can just focus on getting this thing done. Oh, I did finally get the two skeins I needed - there was a backorder at the store.

German Yarn!
My sister has received a grant from her school to go to Germany and...um...make a documentary or something. I'm not too sure about the details. What I DO know is Germany = sock yarn. I have paypal'd her some funds and I'm hoping that she will return victorious with a bunch o' the glorious German sock yarn. Unfortunatly, it's not a super long trip and her schedule isn't super open so it's not like I can send her to the Opal factory or anything (damn it). Too bad Leipzig isn't located near the Tutto factory in Hechingen. :(

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