Monday, April 23, 2007

Sleeve McQueen and Cat-tastrophies

As you can sleeve of the never ending "project" is done. Actually, it's been done for some time but I couldn't locate my camera to take pics of it. If the cats had thumbs I would totally blame them for stealing the aforementioned camera. I still wouldn't put it past them. Below is a pic of the cuff - which I'm thinking might be too short but my plan is to finish the rest of the darn "project" before re-doing the cuff. The sleeve took almost an entire skein of yarn to I had to re-order, yet again, more yarn.

Lime and Violet are bizarre yarn pushers. Their etsy site was updated and I was FORCED to purchase 2 skeins. I rationalized this by #1) the scarcity of the yarn #2) Ms. M has been accepted into law school so I'm gifting one skein to her #3) It's just so darn pretty.
Okay, so I didn't even know about #2 until AFTER the purchase but...whatever....

Lime and Violet are also planning a knitting slumber party in Omaha (it's only a 20 something hour drive from here).....Ms. M and I were planning on making it a road trip as we were fueled by sugar and the thoughts of a yarn related road trip....BUT reality struck and I don't think it will happen. Actually, the below-mentioned Cat-tastrophy happened and between that and the $$ I want to spend on German sockengarne....the $$ just isn't there for the road trip. We will be there in spirit!! I hope all the L&V'ers have fun.

German sockengarne update - I've PayPal'd my sis the $$ for the legendary German sock yarn HOWEVER.....the likelihood of the sis actually visiting a yarn shop during her trip is probably quite small. (Sis, if you're reading this...even Dad doubts you would make it to bring me back something.) SO....a brilliant L&V'er from the message boards Nadine, came up with the idea of me ordering the yarn and having it shipped to the Sis's hotel!!! Genius!! Therefore the yarn will come to her and I will then get not only yarn...but the yarn I want. Now, I just have to restrain myself so Sis and her BF don't have to lug back 15 kilos of sockengarne. I am definitely getting some Wollmeise sent to her hotel. I'm torn between the Sonne and Rosenrot colors just due to the names alone (hello...Rammstein) and I also love the Krauterbeet (forgot how to make an umlaut) and Poison No. 5. Poison reminds me of the Beborn Beton song of the same name. Damn I really want that one too. Grrrr.....must find way to get more income to support yarn habit. Maybe I'll just order the Wollmeise to be delivered to my sis and then, in a few months, order a large order from the wonderful Marens Socken-Wolle and just pay the super-high shipping.

KNIT IN PUBLIC DAY - This year it's June 9th. I momentarily thought of organizing an event for this area but then realized it would be work to do so. Ms M. and I are thinking of just popping by a local place on our own to do some public knitting. Right now the Pier in St. Pete looks like it's in the running to be the spot of choice.
Cat-tastrophy part 1

The Quats had a bout of worms...ewww......$$ spent on meds and flea prevention/control

CAT-TASTROPHY PART 2....this time it's personal!!

This little bugger, Queue, has something wrong with his right eye. (Not in this pic though.) I came home last night and he was squinting and had all sorts o' eye snot going on. Today the eye is noticeably cloudy and red. $140 later......(this is with pet insurance, thank god) we don't know WHY it's screwy (except that it's not a scratch) but we do have meds that will hopefully fix it.
If the Quats keep this up I'm going to have to spin their fur into yarn to knit. Or, they'll have to get jobs.

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