Monday, September 10, 2007

Warped Hookers....Secrets Revealed!

Okay, now that I have your attention. Hee hee. The title to this post is accurate - just not in the most obvious way.
Construction of a warping board for me is now underway. It is being made so that I can wind up some skeins of yarn to dye in many colors. For more information on hand dyeing using this process click here . If you would like directions on how to make your own warping board click here. Pics will be posted of the uber awesome warping board when it is completed. Hopefully, this will *cough cough* be soon.
djMars has taught me how to do basic crochet - almost against my will. I want to learn it so that I can do a proper provisional cast-on and so that I can make hairpin lace. I might give up on my dream of hairpin lace but I have enough skill now to do the cast-on. I get a mean case of "crocheting tourette's" though. I don't think I will ever participate in this craft for fun but it is good to know.
The gifts have been given so now I can post.
I made some beer cozies. The pattern for which can be found here. Both of these were knit with yarn that I had previously hand dyed and couldn't figure out a project for. They were happily received and I should have taken some pics of them "in action." I have the feeling that I will be making many many more of these in the near future. They keep condensation away, the cables make nice "grips", and they really do keep the beer cold. Nifty.

While I was making these djMars was eyeing the "limeade" yarn so I knew I had to make her something out of it too. And since a beer cozy would not be her thing...I made her a Calorimetry head wrap. I don't have a picture of that "in action" either and I know the pic below isn't a great one. But if you click here you can see what one looks like while being worn AND get the handy dandy free pattern. Ooooh. Also, I know in this pic it is not "finished". I didn't weave in the stringy ends or put the button on. djMars has some extra buttons lying about from a sweater she made a I figured that she could use one of those on it. Okay, so it's a half-assed gift that she had to finish herself....I admit it. But she loved it anyway.

I recently added a music player to my blog. I need to know if I should leave it or not because I'm undecided. I have the same player on my myspace but I think it's normal to have that stuff there. I'm unsure as to whether or not it is annoying in this type of forum. Please leave comments on this matter and help me decide.
It's only a few weeks away!! SQUEEEE!!!!!


MissCritta said...

Totally making beer cozies. I need a pink one for a party I'm going to this weekend. Thanks for the pattern. Now I'm going to cast on a 7th pattern on the needles this week!!!!!! Love the music player, btw. If only because I'll come by more often and see what you've got on here.

herzeleidknits said...

Once you start making the beer cozies you will never be able to stop. Someone will see it and then demand that you make them one too. I'm beginning to think that it would be easier to teach everyone to knit their own. :)